Great place to workout. Family owned & operated & provide an inviting atmosphere. I highly recommend Floyd Factor because their workouts are intense.
Great locally owned gym. Brian and Lindsey are amazing people that obviously love working with each person providing amazing nutrition advice and work outs fit for each individual. They push you to become a better you ❤️
Floyd factor is an amazing gym and Brian and Lindsay are the best trainers I have ever had the pleasure to work out with. They really know their stuff! Great for modifying when you have disabilities, injuries or even if you're just starting out. They are great about keeping you accountable and I feel like I'm part of the Floyd family myself!!! I highly recommend this gym!!!!
Great workout! I have not had the same workout twice in the 1.5 years I have been there
There are so many reasons why I love Floyd Factor! To name a few, they push me unlike any other gym I have been to, their methods work and my entire family is a testament to that since my mom, my MIL and my FIL all go there as well. But more than anything we are a family! When I go, people are happy to see me, they push me, and they ask me about life while doing burpees 😜 They are constantly creating an inclusive and fun environment! Here is the Halloween contest, that is just creative and fun:) If you live in the Gilbert/chandler area, Floyd factor is truly one of a kind, and I highly recommend you come check it out!
Floyd Factor is a great gym! Brian and Lindsey are both very helpful, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I love how each workout challenges me in new ways.  
Debbie L.
I started my weight loss journey many years ago and Floyd Factor has been with me the entire time. This is significant because they care about my future and how I will keep the weight off and my body tone for years to come.
Dan M.
I love attending a gym where I know that the trainers care about me and my health. Brian and Lindsey are so supportive and encouraging!
Danielle G.

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